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Not Alone but Lonely

At times, you blog, not because you have something to say. Sometimes, it’s just a means to open the heart and let the pain take the shape of words.

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I am not alone,
     blessedly surrounded by people, my own;
but feeling lonely and disconnected,
     when to judgements I am subjected.
I feel intense pain,
     when I am expected to be the same;
as I was years ago,
     when sans responsibility, I swam with the flow.
But now I am looked upto,
      as a savior, as a provider;
and I can't take the liberty,
      lack the will of a fighter.
The one who understood,
      me with a single glance or tone,
chose a better world of love,
      and smiles from the heavens above.
I did it all my life, she says,
      now taste the fruits of silent tears;
prove to the world that you mean good,
      and learn to let go, your fears. 
The world will judge you,
       like it or not;
some of them your very own,
       in a web of pain, you tend to be caught.
But trust your foundation,
       times are bound to change;
save your soul till such time appears,
      ways of life to teach are strange.

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