Never give up on yourself

During my early morning romance with nature by way of my morning walk, I was wondering why the walk felt so empowering?

I looked around and found the answer to my own question. Yes! Its allowance. At the entrance, I saw the branches of the Eucalyptus trees swaying gracefully to the chilly breeze. What was the difference between me using adjectives with the breeze and the branches of the Eucalyptus? I was judging. That’s the problem.

Complete Allowance

The more we judge, lesser is our gratitude. And gratitude is that one little seed that holds so much within it. Gratitude makes us realize the value of things we generally tend to take for granted. Do you know the most vital relationship we neglect every day? Yes! It’s our relationship with ourselves.

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We tend to be our worst critics day in day out. Whenever we are faced with circumstances that are not as per our expectations, we tend to either blame ourselves or others. We even tend to go overboard and blame inanimate things around us such as situations or weather.

You are your own Competition

We have no time to go deep within, befriend ourselves, and be in allowance of ourselves the way we are. Allowance does not mean that you are averse to improvement. It just means to accept yourself the way you are, with the flaws and the talents, and gently nudge yourself to go a notch higher.

Improve yourself, one moment in time. Not for anyone, but yourself. Trust me. The day you become compassionate with yourself, you will develop a great sense of calm. You will be grateful for everything you took forgranted in life, whether your partner, parents, even your children.

Every day, just plan out some time to be with yourself and be in complete allowance. Accept yourself as though you are are your best friend. See life transforming itself in front of your eyes and from monotonous to an adventurous journey of a lifetime.

Learn from Nature

Have a blessed day ahead. Remember to pamper yourself daily. You have a finite life. Make the most of each second, not as a race, but the most empowering experience. God bless you.

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