unrecognizable lady in headphones examining green plants in street

Nagging internal voices that judge

Today, while going for a walk, my husband asked me, “Why do you put your headphones and listen to music whenever you go for a walk? This reduces the awareness about the surroundings and could be dangerous”.

When I asked myself the same question, I got this answer:

Attempting to drown the nagging voices,
        that reciprocate what the world says to me;
judging what I do or how,
        Oh! How I ache to be in the present, in the now!

Deafening voices that proclaim,
        they know the real me;
can they ever see that little girl,
       fighting hard to become what she wants to be?

They do not even have an inkling,
         of my constant juggle,
between what is expected of me and what I really want,
         I never expose to the world, my internal struggle.

Before you judge me, take a peep,
        at my internal struggle and my daily grind;
how I ready myself for the day ahead,
	how I gently coax my mind.

To believe things would be better today,
	just hang on, give your best shot;
don’t let the voice of the world become your voice,
	listen just to your re-assuring heart.  

So as I start my day with music,
        volume of the songs loud enough to subside;
the tsunami of the nagging voices that bring me down,
	let my heart be my guide.

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