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Motivation from the Rising Sun

I am an early riser. One of my favorite activities is watching the sunrise. The magic that the sky undergoes is beyond words. Lovely hues that send across a different message each day. Today, the sunrise nudged me into writing this motivational piece. Do share your views about the same in the comments box.

frozen wave against sunlight
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The rising Sun is a priceless gift,
	for all who live to see;
giving a message through the golden rays,
	to drive away the darkness in thee.

We all are human, with assets and flaws,
	accept them as a part of you;
acceptance gives the power to change,
	and a power to bid adieu
to all that you intend to amend,
	all that you silently despise;
the fear, the anger, the judgement for others,
	  shed all the garbs your ego defies.
Feel the freedom to accept yourself,
	shun the burden of self-doubt;
 dispel the darkness that blinds your potential,
	live an abundant life devout.
The clouds of doubt don’t stay for long,
	when the Sun appears in its brightest form;
the fear drives out, the confidence reigns,
	when you decide to unlock the chains.

The power and strength that you seek around,
	is within your reach, can be easily found.
Just power yourself, believe in who you are,
	and propel yourself to the farthest star.

4 thoughts on “Motivation from the Rising Sun

  1. The Sunrise and also the Sunset are the ” most beautiful and most powerful Nature creations We have for our Mind pleasure!
    You have selected a great Treasure for our eyes to have!

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