Mother’s Day: Does the Universe need a day?

Happy Mother’s day to all of you. I was wondering if one day was enough to appreciate that living breathing form of the Almighty? Or you could never thank enough the infinite sacrifices she made to make you who you are today.

Mother: A Living God

I penned this poem to honor all the mothers in the world who never gave up on their children no matter what.

Mother! Her world transformed;
with your arrival...

She endured heart-wrenching pain,
to hear your first cry;
your tiny existence filled her with joy,
beyond anything that money could buy.

She gave up endless days of rest,
for your peaceful sleep;
With each tiny way you grew,
her heart took a leap.

She gave up her invaluable time,
to give you the intellect;
to choose the right and trust yourself,
pearls of wisdom to collect.

She fought with the world,
to prove you are the best;
or at least getting there,
with each step of your quest.

She smiled with your smile,
soaked up your tears;
taught you to get stronger with each fall,
putting to rest your greatest fears.

As you grow and carve your path,
in life to achieve your dreams;
never forget to be grateful for that loving heart,
tucked under the seams,

of life not lived,
dreams brushed under the carpet;
so you have a smooth ride,
and all the stars in your pocket.

If you like this poem, you may also like this ode to my mom.

Have a blessed day and express your gratitude for your parents till there is still time.

Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.


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