Middle Age is Not the End

Middle age is not,
      the beginning of an end;
it's an opportunity to pause,
      and while there's time, do a mend.

A mend or small steer,
      from the direction we are heading;
towards doing something we always dreamt of,
      instead of taking the path we are automatically treading.

Most of the time till now,
      we did what was expected out of us;
playing roles of sibling, spouse or parent,
       giving our best in each role thus.

We forget the humans we are,
       with beating hearts and simmering dreams;
we hardly realize when we start living,
        in an automatic mode it seems.

When days start and end,
       exactly as they do every day;
we are drowned in monotony,
       instead of wondering what different can we do today.

Like the interval of a movie,
        where you pause and readjust;
distance yourself from the story around you,
        and give yourself that requisite nudge

to start doing what you love to,
       without bothering to fit in;
liberate yourself from expectations around you,
        and nurture the soul deep within.

The soul that feels parched,
        for the need of compassion;
give it the gratitude and love it deserves,
        rewater the seeds of your passion.

Today, take a small step,
       try to do things differently;
for a change, start living for yourself,
        give your system a deserved reboot.

Middle age is the time,
        to switch directions from around to within,
start being compassionate to yourself,
and rediscover the spark that's missing.

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