photography of wet green leaves

Messengers from Heaven

Messengers from heaven 
greeted me with the cheer of an infant
as I walked into my window of nature.

Tender raindrops shed calmly
by the dark grey clouds
taken into their bosom
by the greens
like a mother who shields her child
transforming them into
a stream of nectar,
a blessing from heaven.

They travelled a long way
from the heavens above to the world below.
Bringing the message
of peace and calm.
The greens hardly distinguished
one raindrop from the next
with belief each
is nectar from heaven
telling them all will be well.

I get the message
my angel in heaven;
to accept without judgement
To transform to life source
whatever life bestows.

The fire within slowly drenching
with raindrops of hope from dear heaven
I am healed heaven
and I am fortunate.

There are more souls
in the world parched and scarred;
who saw life draining
from their loved one’s face.

Relationships cut short
for no mistake of theirs
The agony and sorrow amass
their eyes say it all

Please soothe them too, dear raindrops
douse the fire that’s scorching them within
Present them a shower of hope
somewhere around the bend.

Tell them all is not lost.
Balm them, calm them
O messengers from heaven!

Take away the misery
wash away the pain.
Show a bright healing rainbow
above the horizon for all to know
The end of gloom is near.
A bright, beautiful life awaits all
on the other side of the rainbow.

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