Memories of my hometown: Roorkee

Today I take you to,
       a journey to a glorious land;
small in area, but blessed with a huge heart,
       like the clear blue sky's vast expand.

Where love simmered in kitchens,
       recipes shared under the winter Sun;
where tales were told by the twinkle of the eye,
       through care and concern, million hearts were won.

Blessed by the mighty Ganges,
       the winds soothed and balmed;
where everyone knew each other,
       tied in an unseen bond.

Where no heart cried alone,
       joys and sorrows, always shared;
where feelings needed no words,
       people close to you always cared.

Riding a bike in the morning chill,
       beating the fog to reach school on time;
playing in the evening, till the Sun said adieu,
our feathered friends, adding melodious chime.

Spring added unseen glory,
      to the Gulmohars and Amaltas;
the confident Eucalyptus stood unruffled,
      like the Moon amidst the stars.

The friends were made for keeps,
      even as decades pass by;
just a call and the cobwebs brushed,
      backing up each other, no conditions apply.

Festivals were time,
      for having fun, enhancing bonds;
that never faded with time,
      grew stronger with decades and beyond.

Such was the glory,
        of the town I grew up in;
time can not fade the memories,
        that are deeply etched within.

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