Me and my Inner Bunny

Me and my inner bunny,

always at loggerheads;

me wanting to try fresh solutions to existing situations,

he insisting on going by the book.

He resides in my brain,

hops and skips at the slightest nudge;

pushes me into a flight or fight mode,

takes control of my ability to judge.

He tends to have a fixed opinion,

about everything that happens around;

he dissuades me from re-assessing the situation,

and exercising my choices abound.

Some call it the inner critic,

others call it judgement;

Whatever you call it, it is there, and it is important,

 my stress response it augments.

My little bunny rabbit,

I want you to know that I am the person in control;

I know you are an important part of me,

in guiding and warning me, you have a key role.

But not all times are so desperate,

and not all situations so black and white;

Everyone at all times is neither good or bad,

nor are all people wrong or right.

Be empathetic and understand,

other person’s point of view;

and enjoy the world become a better place,

for me and for you.

Everyone has their set of trials,

          and turbulences in their life;

everything has an amicable solution,

          no need for unnecessary strife.

So, thank you but no thanks,

          keep your actions a low key;

drop the judgements for me and others,

          life without grudges is welcoming me.

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