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Live in the Present

Live in the present moment. No matter how much we try to delve into the past, we have no control over it. The future is completely unpredictable. True living is in realizing the infinite potential of the NOW and use it as a stepping stone and carve out a bright future for ourselves. A future that we have always dreamt of. A future that is ours for keeps. Make the most of the wonderful gift of life.

I wrote this poem while wondering how much time of the day we spend pondering if we could have done something differently in the past so that our present was better. However, we cannot realize the hidden potential of the present moment to create a bright future for ourselves. If you like my thoughts, read my other poems around the philosophy of life. Also, visit my home page to read more of my articles and poems. Do not forget to share your views and feedback in the comments below.

Life only comes with a PLAY switch
	no option for REWIND
cajoling us to move forward
	not to ponder what’s left behind

Past is past, shall never return
	however hard you may try
a visit to it brings nothing but pain
	each loving memory a sigh!

Life wants us all to play along
	all moments it unfurls
make the most of the present day
	collect life’s precious pearls

The moment that is here
	the moment that is now
holds the key, unfolds the dreams
	don’t doubt what and how
Make the most of the present moment
	It’s a gift for you to unwrap
 we can sculpt it to make a bright future
	only if it’s potential we tap

Neither ponder over what’s gone,
	nor wonder what the future stores;
  just be in the now, carve out your dream
	you have the key, unlock the door.

The door to a future bright
	a door that leads to your goals
the dreams we wanted to fulfil
	dreams that soothe our souls.

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