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Live in the Present Moment

When will you actually start living? Yes! I know the question will bring a bemused smile. We are all living. That is why we are reading your blog. That’s the expected answer. But before you move away, think again! If you were a 5-year-old looking at the life you are living right now, would you be excited? Half of you would say a definite YES! and the other half will have a smirk on their face. “Who gets to live the life they dream of”? Many, I would counter. Live in the present moment. The present moment holds the key to work towards the dreams that you hold dear in your life.

I have been pondering a lot over whether I am living a wholesome life for a past couple of years. But more I read about people who start their second innings late in life to achieve their dreams, the child in me is prodding me to find my purpose and follow my heart. My heart simply refuses to give up. I hope I can keep my dreams alive and dodge the negative thoughts that storm through my mind. Sharing my thoughts around aging and achieving dreams. In case you need motivation, listen to this and watch this.

I wrote a few lines motivating my readers to think and re-evaluate their purpose in life. Also, start to live in the present moment. That is all that we have. Make the most of it. It is never too late to start working towards your dreams.

Let me know your views on the same. A few of my previously published post also talk along this line. Enjoy the read.

The Magic of a Moment

Look at the watch,
	a new moment awaits;
a moment like never before,
	a moment that prods you to ace.

It looks tiny as a dot,
	but holds the key to a future new;
a future that you always dreamt of,
	a future you promised to pursue.

A future promised to the selected few,
       who stare challenge in their face;
choose to never give up, come what may,
       get up and choose to embrace.

Their true mission in life,
	impossible as it may seem;
and keep moving inch by inch,
	towards their life’s choicest dream.

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