Life Lessons from a Firefly

It is not afraid of the dark,

               it trusts its own light;

aware of the deep gloomy darkness around,

               yet lighting up to see what it can and what it might

do to make the world

               a wee bit brighter;

spreading its wings and taking a flight,

               shows the world the path like a true fighter.

It gives us all a message,

               to stay put and stay strong;

despite situations not being in control,

               however, it may take long.

Positivity may not seem to work well,

               in the darkest of times and mean people around,

But hang on! Stick to it, you’ll see

               Universe will never let you down.

Don’t judge yourself by what you can’t do,

               your power is beyond bound;

and with your ability to look for good,

               you can brighten the world around.

If a firefly never gives up,

               despite darkness and despair;

look at the brighter side of life and make it an anchor,

               discover life is not all unfair.

The day you find a firefly,

               lighting up your path,

trust the universe and pass on the light,

               to someone who has faced the wrath.

Slowly but surely, with the emergence of good,

               the darkness would cease to exist;

and all the world would be a bright new hue,

               only the good would finally persist.

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