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Life is too short for Regrets

We continuously ponder over the events of the past and if we could have done something differently. This is human nature. However, realizing that regrets brings nothing in life but pain. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the power of the present. I wrote this poem as I was reminding myself of the fact. What do you regret most in your life? How would you remind yourself that life is in the NOW? Let me know your views in the comments below.

Life does not allow a U-turn
to undo the things that are done
regretting and pondering over past
can only make the pain return

However hard you try you find
life only moves one way
you cannot change a thing of past
you only have this day

Make the most of every second
the next is just an illusion
the present moment is all you have
the future still under construction

Lay the stone of future now
for a stronger base and a future bright
make the most of the present
to take an extraordinary flight

Do not regret what’s already gone
delving over it just re-ignites the pain;
learn the lesson and move ahead
the future you need to sustain. 

One thought on “Life is too short for Regrets

  1. By the time one reaches 40 years of age, we accumulate so may regrets that we waste rest of our years doing something that will give us zero return — regretting our past actions. It is critical to break away from this cycle and resume living.

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