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Life Happens Between Take-off and Landing

It’s a known fact that our life on this planet is finite. However, we are so used to living in a jet-speed world that we forget this basic truth. When such life comes to a screeching halt because of situations such as the pandemic, the associated lockdown, or losing a loved one, we are in a fix.

At such times, life expects us to pull ourselves together, re-look, change our perspective, and move forward. However painful, this is the law of nature and everyone must adhere to it. The last couple of years forced me to change the belief system through which I was living my life. I discovered that the daily grind of life and the expectations we set for ourselves, which actually we borrow from people’s expectations of us, makes us almost forget our aspirations.

For example, music almost defined the bond between me and my mother. Losing her almost made me go off balance. Re-discovering music helped me to cope with the loss like magic. I am sharing with you my tips to cope with loss or dodge depression. Hope you find it useful.

2 thoughts on “Life Happens Between Take-off and Landing

  1. Interesting thing is, when the world comes out of the pandemic, then how many people will actually remember the important lessons of life that it taught us? 🙂

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