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Let it go like the dark clouds

We are so much programmed to keep our emotions bottled up, taking a huge toll on our physical and mental well-being. This evening, I was watching dark clouds build up in the sky and resulting in a magnificent monsoon shower. Monsoon is my favorite season that brings a lot of insight and helps me resolve the gloom.

The shower brought for me more than its usual calm. It brought an insight that we keep bottling up our emotions, sweeping them under the carpet. This, with time, causes immense harm. So let it go. Don’t hold on to the past. It brings nothing but pain. Just learn to let go and live in the moment. Enjoy the verse and do leave your feedback in the comments section. Stay safe. Have a joyful day ahead.

When a cloud feels overwhelmed,
By the raindrops within;
When it finds difficult to move ahead
Or share its innermost feelings.

When it tries to communicate
His pain to the one near him;
It surprises him to see the storm
that lies beneath the calm.

We humans at times,
carry the loads of painful past;
dwelling over it repeatedly,
till it starts hurting the heart.

When we feel the need to share,
Our pains that are too much to bear;
We discover others are carrying a fair share
of ache beneath their calm exterior.

The time is gloomy,
The wounds are fresh;
Each one of us growing through pain,
trying our best to start afresh.

So let us learn from the humble cloud,
To let go of what is causing doubt;
Expel the emotions before they harm,
And not put on the mask of an exterior calm.

Get it out of the system,
Whatever way suits best;
Write it down, shout it loud
Do away with all that's putting your sanity to test.

Just try it once,
feel the pain ebb away;
and you feel as light as snow,
keeping all negative feelings at bay.

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