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Lessons from the Passing Year

As another year passes into history, let us take some time to recollect moments, refresh the lessons, and thank those precious memories that it gave us.

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Lessons From the Passing Year

As the curtains draw to a close,
        a year that will move to history;
but not without its fair share,
         of lessons to unravel life’s mysteries.

Did we learn a lesson or two,
          from those who left us here?
Or are we living in a fool’s paradise?
          intelligent, but unaware.

Will we question our thinking,
        and change the course of our thoughts;
value time and its precious gifts,
        or keep living like robots?

The past couple of years,
          have taught us the attitude of gratitude,
not for riches and comfort, but for people,
          signifying the essence of plentitude.

It taught that nothing is permanent,
         and life, somehow, has to move on;
with memories and lessons from those we lost,
         carry forward their values like a baton.

Be grateful for each relation,
         whether fruitful or not;
that was a source of learning,
         skills that you developed, skills that it taught.

If we learn to live with gratitude,
        each moment becomes a gift;
life seems to be much more precious,
        our attitude takes a shift.

from expecting to giving,
       from pondering to living;
each moment gifts opportunities,
       to mark a new beginning. 

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