Maa Shailputri

Lessons from the Nau Durga Day 1: Maa Shailputri

O daughter of the grand Himalayas,
	my deep respect to thee;
you give us the message of calm,
	however turbulent life be.

You persevered through years and lives,
	to get what you penanced for;
inspiring us to never give up,
	follow our inner core.
You bless those who pray to you,
	guide us to see within;
to realize our potential and inch to success,
	assuring a sure win.

A win not over others but ourselves,
	to learn to evolve each day;
to stick to what we truly believe,
	not bothering what others say.

You teach that love and power,
	can well go hand in hand;
neither in extreme can help you bloom,
	 be steadfast and take your stance.

For all that you believe in,
	for all that conscience holds dear;
good will surely triumph over evil,
	you’ll succeed in all life’s spheres.

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