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Learning From Nature: The Solitary Cloud

When you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and a sense of failure because you are too harsh on yourself, glance at the beauty of nature around you. You will definitely find answers to most of your questions, like I found mine. Look at this verse and let me know your views in the comments section below. Have a happy weekend.

Learn from nature
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As the solitary cloud floated,
       wandering against the light blue sky;
it had no others for its company,
        but a few birds, bidding the day goodbye.

Alone, but not lonely,
       it strolled carefree across the infinite;
no targets, no worries,
       completely absorbing the pleasant sights.

Not worried about being left behind,
        or an urge to be a part of the crowd;
moving gracefully inch by inch,
        as far as the cool breeze allowed.

I saw it as I wondered,
        a calm descended on my flustered self;
what if I could learn to grow just for me?
          life could definitely free itself
from the burden of validation,
         pleasing others at each step;
living my moments to the fullest,
       having a spring in each footstep.

We can learn so much from nature,
        just need to keep an open eye;
experience and grow through phases of life,
        the learnings to our lives apply. 

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