It’s only you who knows your strengths

At times, everything seems to be working against you. I have currently been through such times when the pressure to be correct at all times burns you out. You start doubting your own capabilities.

Sometimes, its not just about winning. Its about asking yourself: “Is the battle worth fighting for?” We, at times, are our worst critics. During such times and decisions, just prioritize what is best for you. Losing small battles to win bigger wars is completely ok.

It was in one such time that I wrote this verse. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a great weekend.

When you feel bogged down,
by inner voices that tell you;
what you are not or what you should do,
just focus on that little voice that tells you "I can do".

They'll say you are less,
don't feed their thoughts your energy;
They'll make you doubt yourself,
because who you are, they cannot be.

Your situation is personal,
no one can feel your pinching shoe;
only you can choose to try or quit,
whatever it is, choose it for YOU.

Remember it's not a battle,
to prove to others you are the best;
just be honest in your effort,
but don't burn out, don't forget to rest.

You've faced all this before,
life for no one has been super smooth;
but in the end, it all adds up to the experience,
the hurts and disappointments, time will soothe.

Trust your inner self,
to win all battles you come across;
it's only you who know your strengths,
of your own thoughts you are the boss.

You'll quickly forget the challenges,
but don't forget your smallest wins;
they will act as an anchor when things don't look up,
after tough things end, better things begin.

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