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It is Tough but do not Give up

Life is never easy. To dream and achieve or even chase those dreams is tougher. What I have discovered is that the way we have learned to program ourselves is disallowing us to live the life we dream of. In fact, dreaming itself may be looked upon as selfish in some communities.

When we have been bestowed this life, there was no pact that since you are born a girl, your dreams are subject to constraints. After trying to please everyone around us for years, that yearning of living the life you dreamed of once again comes to the forefront.

I had penned this poem when I realize it is not possible to please all the people all the time. Everybody has the right to grow and evolve. Please go through it and get back to me with your view. Take care.

For ages the world has labeled me
	as a feminist if I dare to dream
because women have duties
	they need to adapt to responsibilities.
Dreams are probably for men

When I dream of working, 
         because I have the caliber;
The road is full of conditions
         If the family allows…
Only until you become a mother…
Why do I start and stop dreaming conditionally? 

Even if I gather strength, 
	to fight when the world binds;
and ignore what they say
	my own goals I define.

I am filled with guilt,
	for overlooking my duties;
which I know I never did.
I question my freedom
	and my choice to follow the hopes.
because someone or the other 
         is not happy with me.
"Do you have the right to be happy;
	when people are not happy with you?"
 Yes! Because you are not a
 	sum total of your roles.

You cannot shell out happiness
	from an empty jar of pain and remorse.
Fill your jar with self-love, 
        justify the life you live,
and then you will spread genuine joy
	it’s then that you can truly give. 

2 thoughts on “It is Tough but do not Give up

  1. Loved this poem.women are guilty of so many things, and all narrows down to just dreaming. I can relate to this poem to various levels. Beautiful put. ❤🙏

  2. Beautiful poem… True that we can’t please everyone but surely everyday we definitely please someone.

    Rightly said… Fill your jar… With self love, joy, dreams and strength to follow ur dreams

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