Invaluable Lessons from Nature Part 1: Learning to Share

While in the park for my daily walk, I was pondering about the innate capability to teach us invaluable lessons in life. The messages from nature are absolutely loud and clear. But to observe it and mingle with it needs a disposition of calmness. It also expects us to be ready to learn.

A squirrel in the park who brought me to the present moment.
Meet and Greet with a Squirrel

As the morning sunlight filtered through the large mango trees, greeting humans with oodles of hope and love, it set me thinking.

When the sunlight reached the topmost branches of the trees, they took the energy from the sunlight necessary for its thriving and let go of the rest for the world.

What if we humans took money as a resource for our living and give the rest to those for whom a filling meal is a luxury? Think about it. Love and light to all of you.

4 thoughts on “Invaluable Lessons from Nature Part 1: Learning to Share

  1. It would be an interesting thought experiment. If we solve the money & resources problem, will people think of new ways to create inequality in the society? Our real enemy is our inherent nature to compete with our peers and our constant struggle to “win” no matter which situation we are in.

    1. Most of our life, we work in an autopilot mode without recognizing our capability to question our thoughts and actions. We can only change our thinking for enhancement of inner peace. Let others think as per their choices and maturity.

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