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Introduction to Holistic Healing Series

Let me start with the backstory. As a child, I was always inquisitive. I wanted to find more about things that life introduced me to. As I passed various phases in my life, the challenges made me lookout for various holistic healing methods to deal with the inner emotional turmoil. The holistic approach talks about the connection between mind, body, and soul; the energy around us and within, and much more.

During the time, I came across wonderful systems of healing, such as Reiki healing, Access Consciousness and Access Bars, and Sudarshan Kriya (introduced through Art of Living). I read a lot on the concept of disease as dis-ease (the body telling you it was not at ease), mainly the work of Louise Hay and also several books on emotional intelligence.

“The best six doctors anywhere – and no one can deny it – are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.” 

Wayne Fields

What to expect in this weekly blog series?

Over the course of the next few Thursday, I am going to publish articles in this series that will provide an insight into what I learnt and how the most successful healing therapies hint at certain common threads, enhancing my knowledge further. A few common lessons:

  • Your mind and body are related. If you can change your thoughts, your body will respond positively to it.
  • Our body has an innate capability to heal itself. We just need to trust it and constantly communicate with it.
  • If we are mindful of what we are consuming (in terms of food, water, breath, and, most importantly, thoughts), we can drastically improve our quality of living.
  • Positive affirmations help us feed our subconscious with the correct stimulus to drive us towards our goals.

There are many more things that, when applied to our day-today lives, will definitely have a positive impact. So let us start our journey together of unlearning and re-learning the way our mind and body works.

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