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Internal Struggles of a Woman…Vocalized

The society that we live in judges us every day. Especially being a woman, we are working hard to meet expectations set against us. However, if we need to constantly justify ourselves to the world and our loved ones, it sometimes becomes too much to bear. At such times, our tender heart shouts out loud and we decide to live only on our own terms.

I wrote this poem in one such instance and wanted to share it with you. Let me know your views on how you overcome the feeling of being judged by everyone around you? The expectations that they set for you and you do not have control over?

Yes! I am a woman,
	I am so proud to be one;
I have the power to create,
	and be my own Sun.
I guide my child,
         to carry forward my virtues;
to the next generation,
         or really so! I muse.

I guide my loved ones,
	in the process I’m guided too;
to do justice to all my roles,
	expecting nothing in lieu.

But I am human, 
	my heart too cries in pain;
when I am expected to be perfect,
	 or be considered a bane.
Judged at all times in my life,
	by everyone I call my own;
yearning for validation from others,
	I look at them once, and continue alone...

To prove myself to my loved ones,
	every day in every way;
makes me tired, lost, worn out,
	from my intended path I astray.
When will we stop living,
	to justify other’s fancies;
and live a life I dreamed of
	without fear of fallacies.

I have a right to live free,
	it’s between me and my God!
no one accept him am I answerable to,
	no one else can give me a nod.
  I am a woman of my validation,
	I do not need ticks and cross;
I will write my story,
	in the sands of time, I will permanently emboss.  

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