grey bird perched on a tree branch

In Conversation With a Little Birdie

As I curled up in my comfort zone,
	catching a few more winks of laze;
a little birdie looked me in my eye,
 as I dreaded to navigate life’s maze.

I was shrouded with doubt,
	what if I failed to inspire a soul?
Who would read me, like the book I wrote?
	I felt broken inside, missing to be whole. 

Did you write to sell, or to inspire self, 
	when faced with doubt and fear;
The pen and paper listened like a mentor and guide,
	from pain and agony, helped you veer.

Focus on your work, she lovingly said,
	pecking on her hearty meal;
If your work shows the way, even to a single soul,
	you succeed in your goal to heal.

Saying that, she flew away,
	leaving me with a clearer vision;
to spread the light of positive thoughts,
	only to my heart, I listen.

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