I feel your Presence

When the passing breeze,
      caresses my ruffled hair;
you seem to be asking me to love myself;
I feel your presence. 

When my child sees me in thoughts,
       and surrounds me with a warm hug,
My heart just melts away;
I feel your presence. 

When the flowers smile,
        and sway with acceptance, 
they ask me to accept what I can't change;
I feel your presence. 

When the young leaves,
       emerge magically from a seemingly dead branch,
you nudge me to believe in miracles;
I feel your presence. 

When I see the majestic Eucalyptus, 
       shedding it's bark without a hint of pain,
I hear you asking me to shed my doubts;
I feel your presence. 

When the melodious cuckoo,
       gives out its rhythmic call,
and gives a message that Spring is here;
I feel your presence. 

You make yourselves felt,
      in so many ways;
steering me as you always did,
      to find the direction I seek. 

I just need to listen,
      experience with my senses,
and most importantly,  Believe!!!
Gratitude for always being there.

What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. 

— Helen Keller

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