I Do Not Grieve You

I do not grieve you,
        grief is too personal to share;
you signified what true living meant,
to undermine your spirit will not be fair.

You shall always live through me,
not in person, but through your values;
the guiding light behind my each move,
        the undying spirit that defined you.

Your noble soul,
       your sincere approach to life;
is like a scripture I can seek,
       whenever troubles are lurking close.

You saw my talents,
         and nurtured them to perfection;
when at times, I saw none,
         you said doubting myself was out of question.

You countered my endless questions,
         with your signature patience and smile;
each life day marked by pristine affection,
           each action sincere, with your unique style.

I can see a glimpse of you,
         when I put up a brave fight;
my fighting spirit, to you I owe,
         helps me differentiate wrong from right.

You continue guiding me,
        through flowers and birds;
though physically missing,
         I seek you through your words.

My life will never be the same,
         your loss I can never get over;
but I promise I will never fail you,
         always give my best in all I do.
In loving memory

2 thoughts on “I Do Not Grieve You

  1. Very inspiring poem. Writer has poured the heart into words. We all can relate it to a dear one. God bless you.

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