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I am Down But Not Out

Hi all! Sorry. I could not connect much with you. I was juggling multiple things and was not in the best of mindset. It happens if take too much on yourself and are over self-critical as I am. This verse will give you a peek at my mindset and my adamance to get over it. Hope it connects with you and gives you a ray of hope when life seems out of control.

Please let me know your views about the poem in the comments section below. Love and light.

Yes! The clouds of self-doubt, 
loom large on the canvas of my heart;
The feeling of being no good,
returns to paint a gloomy start.

I am down! I know I've failed myself,
my discipline dwindled and wavered;
I drowned myself in the digital avalanche,
Life became bland and unflavored.

Since I lost you, Mom,
I've been hiding under false pretences,
overworking, or lost in mobile games,
I indulged in all incorrect preferences.

Like a pigeon who closes his eyes,
to believe that the cat will disappear;
I focused on covering up rather than healing,
I hated being caught in tears.

It never has worked, and never will,
the realization has now dawned;
I am going to make the mends, and make you proud,
in this mortal world and beyond.

Life will take me through tough times,
while still believing in my ability to navigate;
I will never let you down again, I promise!
I will start with a fresh new plate.

New colors, new flavors, new aspirations,
a better way to lead this life;
when I am more at peace with myself,
moving on from the chapter called internal strife.
I am down but not out

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