Hoping to calm the inner turmoil

I am a motivational writer and since the last three years, trying to show a path to all those who connect with this blog.

However, at times, you just need to share your true feelings even if they are not all uplifting. Today’s verse is one of such true pain points that I bring to the forefront. Do let me know your views in the comments section below.

The sparkling smile eludes my lips,
the piercing pain persists;
ever since you left, I stay delusioned,
maneuvering life's twists.

How many times do I prove myself,
to people around me;
what I am doing is the best I can,
swimming stroke by stroke in the vast sea.

The sea of a hollow infinite,
you left when you left this world;
for a peaceful playful friendly abode,
that matched your bright, chirpy soul.

You told me always,
be truthful to the core;
wait for the Universe to set things straight,
and open an unseen door.

I trust you as always,
looking up to the Universe;
to be understood by people I care for most,
a smoother road to traverse.

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