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Healing my Soul: Conversation with a Raindrop

Healing is a long process. It is the most personal and the most difficult, too. But sometimes, when we just observe mother nature, we get the answers we are seeking. I had a similar experience today with a droplet of rain. I felt it was too tiny to make a difference. How wrong could I be? The answers to the most tough questions in life are within our reach. We just need to be open and ready to seek.

I wrote this verse to remind myself that each day of our life has a purpose. We either inch towards it, or lose it in the race of life. Enjoy the feel of the raindrop and the message it intends to convey. Have a blessed day ahead.

Conversation with the Raindrops

I was gloomy when I went to bed,
	awoke to the sound of pitter patter;
of tiny raindrops on my windowsill
	inviting me for a heart-to-heart chatter.

This would have been a dream morning,
	but today it didn't make my heart leap;
I was feeling lost and morose,
	had a sense of hollowness deep.
I was grappling with a period of grief,
	having lost those who held my hand;
 picking up and moving on seemed impossible,
	till I saw the tiny drop like a grain of sand.
looking at me, cajoling me to smile,
	telling me to pour my heart out;
asking me to let the lava flow,
	soak and heal the inner drought.

People still love you, don’t they?
	It asked with a smile so true;
I hardly had the heart not to smile back,
	and found a spark of hope anew.
It said I left my loved ones,
	miles above, in the open sky;
and came to earth to bring lost hope,
	for people who have forgotten to try.

If I can make a difference,
	to cheer up a soul morose;
I have done my part, given my due,
	then you as a human can do it too.

Shift your focus to giving,
	and see the heavy heart ease;
don’t stare at the locked doors of life,
	just open them, you have the keys.
Set up a goal to feed your soul,
	just one good task a day;
and watch your happiness grow abound,
	in an inexpressible way.
I thanked the tiny droplet,
	as it merged with the others and moved on;
it had passed me the ray of hope,
	that I could further choose to pass on.

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