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Heal Mother Nature with Love and Gratitude

Having a brush with the dreaded pandemic made me delve deeper into how we take our divine bodies and mother nature for granted. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for my body and acknowledged how it silently supports and rears us through life. I expressed my feelings in this verse.

As we smothered mother nature,
	felling trees and choking rivers;
she gasped, pled for her life,
	we humans dreamt of building empires.

We forgot the tables turn one day,
        we reap what we sow;
Now gasping for breath, her pain we feel, 
	to the Universe, we gently bow.

An invisible enemy gave a lesson for life,
	brought the world down on its knees;
the richest of rich, the poorest of poor,
	praying and hoping for the storm to cease.

Learn the lessons the pandemic taught,
	to value everything you are blessed with;
your body, your breath, the actual gifts, 	
	 the luxuries you run after, a myth.

Aim for success, do your best,
	achieve everything your heart desires; 	
But not at the cost of caring for yourself,
	It's all that your body requires.

Care for yourself and care for nature,
	It’s simply no big deal;  
Say a word of gratitude,
	for each cell that helps you heal;

The storm will calm, clouds disperse,
	making way for sunshine bright;
A dawn full of promises awaits,
	to envelope the world in its light. 

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