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Happy International Women’s Day – The Woman in Me

Today, on International Women’s Day, I got the opportunity to gauge my journey and evolution from a self-doubting, validation-seeking woman to a published author strong enough to stand up for myself.

I present to you a sneak peek into my journey to celebrate the Woman in me. Wishing all my dear readers a very happy International Women’s Day and a very Happy Holi. Trust me, it was never an easy journey. But rollercoasters are always more enjoyable and mimic life more closely.

International Women's Day
The woman I thought I wasn’t,
	The woman I always longed to be;
The woman who owns herself sans judgment,
	That woman resides in me.

The woman who knows her priorities,
	Despite what others think they should be;
The woman answerable only to herself,
	That woman resides in me.

The woman that needs no validation,
	From those who do not agree;
Who are unaware or her trials and turmoil,
	That woman resides in me.

The woman who can switch roles,
	Like the shades of her lipstick, with full sincerity;
Giving her best to all of them,
	That woman resides in me.

She was not evident at first,
Walked as my shadow alongside me;
Through the thick and thin of the storm of life,
	Until I set it free.

I nurtured her, and gave her strength,
	Told her she holds the key;
And with baby steps and a constant nudge,
	That woman became ME.

Please let me know your views in the comments section below. Happy Women’s Day and Happy Holi.

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