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Happy Friendship Day to my precious friends

Sharing my previous years post on Friendship Day. Friends have always played a pivotal role in my life and more so during the low phases of my life. Thank you all from the innermost core of my heart for always being there.

My day started with my son wishing me a happy friendship day. It filled my heart with immense joy and it reminded me of the most beautiful bond of life; Friendship. It took me down memory lane to my childhood friends and what they meant to me. My only difference of opinion is that the celebration of friendship must not be confined to a single day since it affects us in one form or the other every day.

What are your views? Please go through the verse I have created to define what friendship means to me. Take care and have a great day.

Friends are colors on the canvas of life

Friends are like spices, 
enhancing the flavor of our lives;
with a gentle touch and genuine smile,
showing up through life’s archives.

They add colors of joy and laughter,
turning moments into precious memories;
when life is harsh and the sun too high,
just close your eyes, they come back like a breeze.
Soothing the wounds that sear the soul,
balming the heart that hurts like hell;
they are never too far, just a call away,
hearing you out, wishing you well.

They splash permanent colors,
on the blank canvas of your heart;
and create an authentic masterpiece,
the most impeccable piece of art.
Lucky are those who have true friends,
value their presence, nurture the precious bond;
they are always there when you need them most,
in your lifetime and beyond.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in touch,
or drifted apart through passaging time;
true friends are there, you just need to call,
their presence a gift sublime.
Friendship grows with trust and faith,
time increases its sheen;
it matures like good old wine,
and strengthens the bond between.

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