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Happy Children’s Day: Encourage Your Inner Child

Encourage and love your inner child,
	for as long as you live;
it knows you beyond perceptions,
	never expects, but only gives.

Just like your genuine friend,
	who guides you at each step;
encourages you to look beyond,
	the avenues you often sidestep.

It's the child with gleaming eyes,
	that finds magic in floating clouds;
prods you to look beyond the obvious,
	to seek answers, not just be part of crowds.

You are unique, your purpose is defined,
	you are born to fulfil a role earmarked;
that nobody but you can justify,
	since on your life journey you embarked.

That inner child ensures,
	that you do not doubt your dreams;
when people pass judgements,
	as realistic as they seem.

Those who truly live their lives,
	do not deter from following their dream;
they listen and believe their inner child,
	grow and develop as a team.

Celebrating milestones together as they tread,
	through instances in life, always moving ahead;
pondering on mistakes but always ready to change,
	strengthening bonds, no time to regret.
Your inner child is your best bet,
	to always keep your hopes afloat;
your head held high as you grow together,
	laughing off your bumpy life road.

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