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Hanging on to Hope in Times of Despair

Where is the bright Sun,
that disperses the dark clouds?
Xceeding sense of helplessness,
creeping up in minds raising doubts
Young and old, all look up to ask
When is it going to end? Why did it start?
Zeal hard to spot. Will the world fall apart?

All is not lost. My heart is clinging to hope.
I believe it’s a passing phase, though seems like a tightrope.
Bright stars are bound to appear in the darkest of the night
a ray of hope shimmering everything will be alright
Candles may flicker, trying to light the path
But survive they would for sure, battling the nature’s wrath
Determined to keep the feeble hopes high
Wriggling but determined to never say die

Emanate your inner light like the candle burning bright
Stay positive, spread the message of hope like the shining knight
Fear will fade, and life will serve
once again from the seamless cup of love.
God is with you at every step,
cajoling you to stay put, keep spirits high
Have trust the sun will appear magically
beyond the darkness of the sky
Imagine your prayers are answered
sooner and for sure
Just stay put, the sky will shimmer with the brightest stars,
And when they appear, life again will have no bars.

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