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Gratitude is the Anchor Trust is the Key

My humble effort in raising hope in times of despair. See similar poems on my website

Gratitude for my breath,
Gratitude for my heart,
Gratitude for each blessing
that’s playing a vital part.

in telling me to hold on tight
coaxing me to never give up,
showing specks of hope one moment in time
as the dirt of despair, I gently scrub.
Gratitude to each silent prayer
that feels like a gentle touch that protects
that delivers hope in the hardest of times      
as strands of faith I collect

Gratitude to all we met in life
and all who left for a better world
leaving seamless gifts of memories
bring smile with tears as they gently unfurl

Gratitude to the sun, the moon
tiniest of creature that inspires
to hang on, never let go
one glimpse of hope our heart requires

Let faith be the anchor,
to sail us through this raging storm
keep the light of gratitude burning
as our daily duties we perform

A prayer in every heart
for those who need it most;
come together as humans sans divide
keep aside everything we boast.

Come together, join hands,
say a prayer for each parched soul;
heal all those who you can
playing your ever so minimal role.

Coz ocean is a collection of tiny drops
each heartfelt prayer makes a mark
collectively we’ll force the storm to go back
on a journey to hope, we all embark. 

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