crop person showing dry maple leaf in park

Glimpses of the New You

As the new year approaches, let us take a journey within and find the gleaming self waiting for being noticed and polished like an uncut diamond.

As we get ready to bid adieu,
        to the old and welcome the new;
another chance to introspect and evolve,
        inner conflicts and self-doubt dissolve.

Imagine you are an iceberg,
       with your true potential still to emerge;
what is visible is just the tip,
	dive deeper, be the anchor of your ship.

What if you could search within and find,
        your innate talents ready to be mined?
grow and evolve each passing day,
        unleash the true self, sculpt yourself in a unique way.  

Understand, you are infinite,
         like the open sky, no end in sight;
just believe in yourself, 
         keep moving bit by bit.
Don't give up just yet,
         there's an ocean of possibilities ahead;
take the blank notebook of the year new,
         and fill it with the colors of a new YOU. 

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Have a wonderful day ahead.

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