Flawed: A Fresh Perspective

Good morning, dear friends. I hope all of you are doing well and taking care of yourselves.

I know it has been really, really long since I had a word with you. Life has been super busy, and I’ve been trying my best to do all that’s a priority in a 24-hour window.

Yesterday, I was thinking how we are so quick to judge ourselves and others, and our flaws make a big chunk of our skewed perspective. That is because we do not consider the bigger picture in life.

I wrote a verse after a long time, and also recorded it in my own voice for my YouTube channel. Would love your feedback in the comments section.

Flawed: A Perspective
Flawed: A Perspective 

Pieces of a jigsaw
flawed, dissimilar...
no perfect edges,
curved inwards, then outwards,
yet making a beautiful whole
when they stick together.

Human relations
flawed, dissimilar...
with virtues and vices,
of all shapes and sizes,
habits, at times, poles apart,
yet fit together
to make the world a beautiful place.

Both perfect
in the eyes of the Universe
HE alone knows the big picture.

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Have a great week ahead.

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