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Expectation: The Relationship Killer

Each relation in your life,
is sacred and pure;
nurtured with utmost care,
each moment worth many more.

You put hours into making it,
stronger with each passing day;
you give it your whole, your all,
to see it bloom your way.

But something along with it grows,
that catches us by surprise;
the weeds of expectations that sprout,
and suck the nectar before we realize.

The weeds of expectations,  
have their roots in the past;
not realizing life has changed,
its mysterious shadow is cast.

Expectations are silent killers,
don’t let them enter your heart;
they bring nothing but pain and hurt,
they tear your world apart.

Expectations are termites,
they eat away the strongest bonds;
and leave nothing but memories sour,
don’t give in to their demands.

Water your relationships daily
with empathy and trust;
don’t let the termite of expectation,
turn your loving bonds to dust.

One thought on “Expectation: The Relationship Killer

  1. Beautiful expression…so true… expectations kill relationships… have rightly said relationship takes so much time and effort to make and sustain but can be finished in no time by avoidable expectations..
    Stay blessed..stay safe ..🙏🌹🙏

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