Every trough has a crest

As a writer, there are times when ideas just don’t strike. Moreover, we are surrounded by a pile of expectations that we may or may not have the energy to meet.

At such times, our inner critic becomes even more active and induces a sense of self-doubt. That’s the time that you need to keep believing in yourself. Like a sine curve, this trough also has a crest.

I wrote a short verse for all of you to hold on when things are tough.

When the storm lurks close,
the thunder roar is deafening;
reassuring sounds near you fade,
with your inner critic you are wrestling.

Just close your eyes,
visualize it will pass;
like tides that subside,
blend with the ocean vast.

Just stick with the belief,
the best is yet to be;
these times are minor hiccups,
the clear skies you can foresee.

Time and tide will definitely turn,
the rainbow is just around the corner;
just keep the fire of desire burning,
success is smiling at close quarters.

When I go through such phases in life, songs always come to my rescue. They work like magic to motivate me to keep moving.

I sang one of my favorite motivational songs and share it with you today. Forgive my sore throat and not having practiced my singing in months.

The crux of the song is the same as that of the verse and the blog itself…hang in there. The rainbow is just around the corner.

Enjoy the song. God bless.

Believe in Yourself

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