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Embracing Change: Change your Lens to Change the World

Have you ever wondered why are rivers in our country considered sacred? Is it because they teach us to embrace change and be in allowance of it? The basic nature of the river is to flow. To change. Stagnation leads the water to rot and fungi to grow.

Similarly, our thoughts are just crossing our minds, not stopping to trouble us. That’s their basic nature. The trouble starts when we hold on to them and weave a web pondering over them constantly, judging ourselves, placing ourselves in categories of right and wrong.

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Like a stagnant river, the stuck thoughts eventually trap us and affect our physical and mental well-being. Think of it this way. When we have our meals, we want to have a variety and not stick to having the same thing repeatedly. This ensures a balance of nutrients and flavors.

However, when a situation demands that we change our way of looking at a specific situation, we are resistant. We are comfortable following our routine, thinking in the same manner, and following a set pattern of distinguishing right from wrong. This happens because our experiences in life lead us to create a belief system around people and situations. You can understand the belief system as a lens through which we look at things around us.

If you look at life through grey lenses, everything would definitely appear grey. This does not mean that everything is that way in reality. It just means that we perceive it that way. Your perception is not the reality. In fact, what we perceive as the thoughts of the person we are facing are actually a reflection of our own thoughts.

Change your lens to change your view
Change your lens to change your view
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You must have observed that entrusting people perceive most people to be trustworthy. People who are jealous always feel that others are jealous of them. Therefore, we look at people and see them as an extension of our own personality.

Changing involves removing the lens through which we view the world and the people around us. Trust me! The world is much more colorful than what we comprehend. Just change your old pattern of thinking and embrace change in the way we look at people around us.

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