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Don’t Shy Away From Your Roots

Elders are angels that protect us from brickbats of life. I often get pained to see the neglect and agony that our elders are going through today. We keep passing our responsibilities to avoid what is a pleasure. Life will not stop for anyone. Time will move on. The relationship between parents and children can withstand the strongest storms. So work on this most precious relationship before time runs out.

You can find my tips and tricks for strong relationships and how expectations kill relationships in my earlier posts. Look at this poem and post your views in the comments section below whether I could strike a chord in your heart. Till next time, take care and have a fruitful day.

A tree once stood 
	in a jungle vast;
so proud of its youth
	as if it would permanently last.
It had the most colorful leaves,
	and luscious fruits would grow;
he loved to see the sky above,
	never glanced at the ground below. 
It looked down with dismay,
	at the seed from which it grew;
looking with disdain at its roots,
	into a shell of its pride, it withdrew.
When the roots showed up,
	above the soil to find their hold;
it mocked at them, 
	for being dirty and old.
The roots felt small and pained,
	to be treated with such despise;
he took it to his heart and lost the will to live,
	felt small in his own eyes.
As times rolled by as it always would,
	the leaves fell, the fruits were few;
the youth he was so proud of was long gone,
	and mocking stares from passersby it drew.
It dawned on him it was the roots,
	that made him what he was;
he realized what a fool he was,
	 for his own downfall, he was the cause.

But now who could not go back in time,
         to make the necessary amends;
he had lost what was so dear to him,
          in a web of false pretense.
Before the sand of time flows out,
	and leave nothing but repent;
Love your elders for what they are,
	the angels God has sent.	

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