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Diwali Wishes For Those Grieving A Loved One

This is the festive season. Diwali wishes pour in from every corner, bringing a message of cheer and hope. However, for those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, it tends to aggravate the pain and the loss.

My poem hopes to bring a fresh perspective and healing to those who are missing loved ones, including myself. Wish you all a safe and positive Diwali. For more inspiration, view similar resources that helped me cope:

diya decoration

Diwali Wishes to all of You

The visual delight of marigold strings,
	adorning houses big and small;
sacred mango leaves enhancing,
	festive spirits, enthralling all.

Some lose themselves in gaiety,
	while others miss their loved ones;
the past years have been treacherous,
	the awry silence stuns.

Yet some others less fortunate,
	sell knick knacks on the street;
with a hope to keep the lamp burning,
	and stomachs yearning for a meal complete.

In the corner, a stubborn earthen lamp,
	fights the chilly breeze;
giving a message of undying hope,
	to those who want their pain to ease.  

However dark the night may seem,
	hope is hanging around for you to find;
the humble little diya nudges you,
	to believe in the power divine.

The light is within you,
	believe in your potential unbound;
the spirit of Diwali will heal your heart,
	positivity and hope will surround.

I wish your choicest dreams fulfilled,
	all heartfelt wishes come true;
 I wish a stream of earthen lamps,
	will drive away your blues.

May you shimmer like the earthen lamp,
	spreading the message of hope and cheer;
do your tiny bit to heal the world,
be a guiding light for those in despair.

Ekta Saxena

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