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Discovering the true Essence of Life

Life is invaluable. Discover its true potential before it drifts away. Over the past couple of years, I have been brooding over the purpose of life a lot. At the end of each day, I re-evaluate whether I have spent the day in a fruitful, positive way, or spent it on repetitive, mundane tasks.

I wrote this motivational post to reaffirm to myself to live each day judiciously. I hope it rings a bell in the lives of my readers as well. Have a great day. God bless you.

Essence of Life

Life is meant for living,
	for sharing and for giving.
there is nothing you can save,
	nothing travels with you to grave.

Every breath is a reason for gratitude,
	to many, every day, it just eludes.
It signals a fresh start you can choose,
	with a fresh perspective, be ready to cruise.

Every moment of the day, an opportunity for you,
	to dump the old, start living anew.
With gratitude and a firm resolve,
	to make the most of it, as a human, evolve.

 Each day of your life is a blank slate,
	use your imagination, your masterpiece create. 
 Write all you want, color your dreams bright,
	think beyond the lenses of wrong or right.
It’s your life, your only one to make,
	each dawn different from the daybreak.
Each moment unique, hiding potential immense,
	use it to your best, drop the false pretense. 

Live each day as if it was your last,
	march to a bright future, leave the past in the past.
Don’t give up on dreams, never say quit,
	because you live only once, savor every bit.
No problem in life is here to stay,
	just keep the faith, keep despair at bay.

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