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Discover the Magic of Smile

Sometimes the most intractable problems have the simplest solutions. At times when the inner turmoil becomes too much to bear, fake a smile and let it go. Yes! It is powerful. Smile heals. It empowers you to tide over the current problems. Just try it! Until next time, stay blessed. Keep smiling.

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When the clouds of doubt surround
and shatter the inner peace
with questions you are shy to answer
Just smile… and let it be

When there are more questions than answers,
and the world seems out of its mind
everyone seems to add up
to the unrest that seethes within
Just smile… and let it be

You doubt whether things will ever be
what they used to be before
you pray for the nightmare to end
and a rainbow to show the way
Just smile… and let it be

The dust will eventually settle
the storm will gradually recede,
the answers you seek will show up
the world will eventually heal
Just smile… and let it be

Some things are best left 
for the time and tide to heal
there are greater forces unseen
that can work miracles and turn the wheel
So, trust in him… and smile 

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