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Dare to Dream your Choicest Dreams

Often we dream of the lives we intend to live. These dreams may come at any age. They talk about hopes and aspirations. Never lose track of your dreams. They define you. Never be ashamed of your wildest dreams. They guide you towards your destiny if you care for them. I wrote this verse and read it every time I feel I am living life to fulfill other people’s expectations of me. It reminds me I am different from my roles and expectations. I am cherished. I have the right to dream and follow my dreams. Read my previous posts on why we should believe in our dreams and chasing our dreams. If you need to read more about why dreams are so vital, take a look at this article.

You have only one life,
a life like of nobody else
dare to dream…

Your dreams are special
Your dreams define you
dare to dream…

Learning has no age bars	
dreaming has no expiry date
dare to dream…	

Learn to sing at forty-five
Explore the world at fifty
dare to dream…

Dare to dream and follow them up
each day with baby steps,
inch towards giving them wings,
reach them, find them, make them yours
dare to dream…

Till the day you dare to dream
till the day you give them their due  
You are ALIVE.
So, dare to dream…

Dreams are personal
Dreams are precious,
Don’t give them away…
Love them, nurture them
see them bloom and grow
Don’t bother what others say…

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