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Change your Perspective to re-discover Yourself

I had written this verse a few years ago to buck up myself when I was constantly judging myself based on how others perceived me. However, I realized that no matter how hard I tried; it was impossible to please everyone around me. I started looking inwards to re-discover a ME that did not depend on the validation of others. Do give it a read and let me know your perspective.

When was the last time,
	you gave yourself a look in the mirror?
not with the tinted glasses of self-judgement!
	but with a genuine love that never withers.

When your hair becomes a shade lighter,
	turning to a beautiful tint of grey;
but the child within you,
	does not bother, still ready to play.
The child that defines the true you,
	dreams, aspirations and all;
 do you hush it up using harsh tones?
	your mature self-image standing tall.

When your countless efforts in parenting,
	show up as puffy eyes and belly fat;
you still look picture perfect
	when you apply your favourite matte.

When was the last time,
you gave yourself a pat on the back;
for falling and rising through tough life phases
	with a confidence that doesn’t crack.

Yes! You are capable to say “Well done!”,
	for triumphs of your life;
do not look for validation from others
	who do not even know your strife.
You know your trials and feats,
	so, give yourself an enormous cheer;
You are as beautiful inside as out,
	not just how to others you appear.

Change your perspective to change your world
	give yourself the respect you seek;
appreciate yourself for the person you are,
	let your confidence and grace speak.	

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