Challenge your challenges

When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.

Roy T. Bennett
Challenge your challenges,
       weaken them with your smile;
steal a moment for a hearty chuckle,
        take the world by surprise. 

Those who think they are giving you,
       the trouble to break your back;
accept them with open arms,
       show them the empathy that they lack.

You were not given this life,
       to please others and just fit in;
rather make your mark being yourself,
       be the sculptor of your own win.

No challenge is big enough,
       to snip the wings to chase your dreams;
stop you from giving your best shot,
       understand the Universe's larger scheme. 

Magnify your efforts, 
       till challenges seem to diminish;
be in control of your life,
       race down to a fantastic finish.

Everyone has the key to success,
        ensure you're opening the right lock;
search till you find what you're the best at,
         your walk to glory would be a smooth walk.

For those who love inspiration, here’s an audio recording of the poem above:

Challenge your Challenges

I would love to hear your feedback on whether adding the audio helped you connect better to the theme of what I wanted to convey. See you with another motivational gem!

One thought on “Challenge your challenges

  1. Beautiful idea of challenging your challenges. One has the right key, but we r opening wrong lock. Search for the right lock. Yes empathy is the best way to solve or open the right lock.

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