Happy Independence Day

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Indian Independence

Happy Independence Day

The essence in the air is palpable,
	  the tricolor proudly dancing with the wind;
conveying its motherly love for all,
	guiding us to accept all in life’s offing.

It’s an occasion to rise and connect,  
         to the land where we belong;
our chest filled with pride and gratitude,
	a feeling of patriotism that is strong.

The last two years were taxing,
         to the body and the mind;
pain and loss taking forefront,
	leaving hope and positivity far behind.

The sense of despair rising,
	people drowning in a sea of self-pity;
but humanity came together to rise to the occasion,
	supporting each other, displaying stunning empathy.

 It made me ponder if we were truly free,
	from the vices of our own self-talk?
not trying because we are afraid to fail,
	afraid that other people would mock.

The chains of self-doubt,
	that holds us back from what we love to do;
let’s break free from those and empower ourselves,
	in the notebook of life, start a chapter new.  

Take cue from the freedom struggle,
          and how we finally won;
believe in all that you really want,
          give it your best and it will be done.
Just like the Phoenix rises,
	from its ashes to start afresh;
let us rise above the unseen chains of self-doubt,
	navigate the mental mesh.

Believe in your dreams,
	keep moving till you finally get there;
learn from failures to rise again,
	clinch the hope from despair.
horizontally striped flag
Photo by Studio Art Smile on Pexels.com

Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day. Keep dreaming. Keep doing.

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