Can I just do nothing?

At times, the speed of life becomes too heady to handle. We start our day thinking about tasks that need to be completed.

Do nothing

Juggling day in day out drains our energy, and we look forward to doing just nothing. Today was one such day. I jotted down something that may not even qualify as a verse. Sharing with all of you, nevertheless.

Please let me know in the comments section below whether all of you have such days. Stay blessed and take care.

Can I get a few moments 
to just observe...
be in gratitude for my eyes?

Can I get a few moments
to be mindful of my breath...
be in gratitude for my lungs?

Can I get a few moments
to stop and smell the flowers...
be in gratitude for my life?

Rushing day in and day out,
reach nowhere, but be dust,
checking off to-do lists,
searching for reasons, not to give up.

Can we take a vacation,
just a few moments each day,
go beyond fulfilling duties,
spend time our chosen way.

Charge ourselves, before we burn out,
engross in the symphony of the breeze,
ease the pressure we face each day,
do nothing at times, just be!

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