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Board exams are milestones, not destiny

With the CBSE board exams around the corner, and stress running high among the students; this is my paltry attempt to apprise them of the fact that it is just a part of life. Let the results not dampen your spirits. Do not judge yourself on how you score. Just enjoy the journey.

Your marks do not define you

Exams that are about to begin,
are milestones in your journey;
an incredible journey called life,
	that aims to nurture you, not bring you to your knees.

Academics is just one aspect,
	of what you truly represent;
your marks do not define you,
	learning is only meant to augment

your perspective in life,
	to understand and analyze better;
to take informed decisions,
	focus only on things that matter.	

Results are not a benchmark,
	to judge yourself or lose trust;
they just highlight where to improve, 
 	the ocean of opportunities is vast.
Do not be overwhelmed,
	by how other people score;
you are a winner in your personal space,
	your future bright assured.

You are good at so many things,
	seek what you love to do;
work hard to excel in your chosen stream,
	from your passions, take a cue.

The journey of life is beautiful,
	each turn brings a pleasant surprise;
just keep learning new things each day,
	and aspire to touch the skies.

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